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Flatsnout Boxing Personal Members Testimonials


Alex Purvis weight loss client

Client Alex

After signing up to trek the Grand Canyon, I knew I had to get my fitness sorted and as an exercise avoider I was hesitant to go to the gym. The 1-2-1 sessions with Paul have been great, they’ve really helped change my opinion of exercise and I even like going, which I never thought I would! I’ve lost more weight in the initial five sessions than I ever imagined and the diet advice with the homework is really helping me focus on getting fitter. Paul is a great trainer and I look forward to future sessions and more weight loss! 
Alex has lost 1.8 st in 8 sessions, with progressional cardio/ weights, fitness homework sessions and a diet with resolute attitude-Well done Alex...........

Alex has lost in total in  12 months 5.3 st and has now returned to continue her #Flatsnout Fitness journey...   

Alistair weight loss client

Client Alistair

Paul's timimg was impeccable! I had just come back from three years working away from home and living out of suitcases, eating junk and drinking like a fish. I needed a change and there he was. What I like about Paul is his straight forward, no bullshit approach. OK, the gym's not pretty, but who cares, I'm there to change my life, not to get gawped at! In the last fifteen sessions I've lost one and a half stones and my energy levels are racing ahead. I cannot believe that I'm doing what I'm doing now and I know that there is still more to come. An excellent personality, sense of humor and discipline. Paul makes the perfect personal trainer - more power to yer elbow, mate!

Cheers Alistair....stick with the 3 sessions per week, fitness homework and diet plan and you'll succeed in your fitness goals........

- Alastair Newton.
Tracy weight loss client

Client Tracy

Tracy has trained with us consistently and relentlessly for just over 4 weeks......

Her stats are now 7'' lost and 14 Lbs lost also.......

No nonsense fitness and weight loss......

Couldn't be happier with my progress & fitness so far with Shona Stanton &Paul Fiske @ flatsnout boxing.. Highly recommend the personal training to anyone that wants to loose weight and tone up the right way  thanks! X

Tracy in fact has gone onto shed 2.5 st and over 16'' in total.

Well done tracy !

Jen weight loss client

Jen has lost 1 st since the New Year.

I haven't done any proper exercise for a number of years and had suffered a fair few injuries, so even though #flatsnoutboxing had been recommended by a friend I was really nervous. Paul was really welcoming and his no nonsense approach is great. He doesn't preach or judge but supports and encourages you through each session and is in regular contact when you're away from the gym. I've loved my first 5 sessions and my fitness had improved dramatically. Added bonus of losing 6lbs Despite January being a tough month. Can't wait for session number 6! 

Jen has continued and now lost 8 inches in dimensions and completed a total body transformation..............

                                                                                                                                                         - Jen

Client Nicky.

Nicky joined our 1st 8 Week Challenge and did very well !

Training well for 8 weeks Nicky lost  5 lbs 9 inch loss

Her boxing skills and confidence increased and she enjoyed the banter at sessions and online in the VIP chatroom.

Kris havery.

Kris started the 8 week challenge, being an experienced local boxer.  He wanted to lose weight for a bout in 2018, so it would serve as preparation for this.

We worked on kris's skills and core fitness.  His shape and weight ripped up totally and he shaped into good fight shape.

6 lbs lost and 10'' of fat lost.

Client Toni

Toni started the 8 week challenge to tone up and lose a  little weight.

She transformed over the 8 weeks, sticking relentlessly to the Detox diet and the personal 121s and fitness homework running she was set.

A truely great transformation Toni.

5lbs 6 inch loss

Lynsey weight loss client

Lynsey has lost 9Lbs and 16.5 inches a body transformation in 3 months.

Lynsey Vyse has trained with us since January this year..

She has had an amazing fitness losing 9lbs in weight but a body transformation of 16.5 inches lost.

Her boxing skills have improved and she feels much better physically.

Natasha weight loss client
Natasha DeCaprio

I've only had 7 sessions with Paul and already it's very evident that my body is changing shape! Everything looks tighter and more defined. He's very encouraging and motivating both at 1-2-1's and also when you aren't there. Always checking in seeing how you are, how the diet is! Losing 7 Lbs and 5.5 inches, well done !! 
 Fantastic and amazing value for money, so much so a good handful of my friends have signed up!! Thanks Paul, your some boy!!
Lauren weight loss client
Lauren Zoe Anderson

Don't normally do this, however I'm pretty chuffed with efforts so far! Despite the fact I polished two macDonald's away drunk yesterday, I'm more focused with diet and training! Thanks Paul Fiske loving it. I'm absolutely hard as nails now πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ’ͺπŸ‘ŠπŸ˜‰#flatsnoutboxing
Steven weight loss client

Steven Etheridge

You'll all know I'm not normally one for Facebook but I said Paul Fiske was fine putting these on because credit where credits due.

Look at the state of me in the bottom pics from 10 sessions ago. Working too much, not eating right, getting home and eating late. All getting me to that.

Flatsnout paul  train's  you hard but make it fun. It's not just boxing. They teach you about diet, what to eat and when to eat it, what supplements to take, weight training, cardio and boxing all mixed in so you get the results out of it you want.

They do women's only training as well. I think the thought of going to a boxing gym for the first time is daunting for most people but these guys have a real family feel where everyone's welcome and it's only at whitehills, Ne10

I know I'll have loads of Facebook friends who would benefit massively from starting training with flatsnout. All you need is 2 121 sessions a week and you'll see the difference and for what it costs, you'll be better off financially cause the cost of the 2 sessions will be cheaper than the amount of money you are wasting on weekend takeaways. You all know what I'm like so if I say it's worth spending the money it must be mint.

Keep up the good work and let's see some of my friends getting in touch and trying these out. I'm happy to take you along for your first session to do the introductions.

Elaine Darling has also started going and is into her second week and loving it with no previous boxing experience. Not official but she's lost around 9lb in the last week. It really does work.


Nicola weight loss client
Nicola Connolly 

Has trained with us for 2.5 weeks and lost 5 Lbs and 8.5 ''

Feels 'Buzzing' and loving the mixed hard core boxing training and outbound exercises on our wee ' hill of death' at #Fellingwarriors

Well done Nicola
Elaine weight loss client
Elaine darling.

Started training with Paul after having my first baby and wanting to get myself back in shape whilst building my fitness level back up.

 I can honestly say that I love it! Was anxious at first but having no previous boxing experience didn't matter, Paul put me at ease.

 The workouts are always varied, manage to hold my interest and more importantly keep me motivated to keep going and put the effort in to my diet and working myself hard to get the great results I wanted.

 I've only been to a handful of sessions and I'm 11 lbs down already and have lost 4 inches. 

Definitely highly recommended and also great value for money too

Client Sarah

Sarah started training with us in January, she quickly learnt the boxing techniques, as opposed to the boxercise she done before.

Now she's confident doing ten rounds on the pads as a stress buster and toned and lost over 1/2 stone...

Well done Sarah.

"Great first week at training! Noticeably fitter, feeling better in myself, losing weight. And having fun (always a bonus) with a plan and diet designed for me! 5* See you Thursday! Buzzing for it! "

- Xigg Taylor


"Lost 7.5 Lbs in 2 weeks :)"

- Shona Stanton.

After having a baby and gaining 3st i new i had to change my lifestyle. I started with two sessions per week then after one week i started having three because i loved it so much. In my first week i lost 7lb and 3% body fat!!! Since starting my weight loss journey with paul ive felt like a different person. I never feel tired slouchy sluggish or sad anymore. Paul is a fantastic trainer who can put a smile on your face if your having a bad day and i cant thank him enough for helping me change my life so i can be a happier healthier role model for my son :) thank you so much!


Testimonial: Fast results from Paul , my fitness was through the roof in just a couple of weeks and coming on well now with my pad work. Motivation me through the marine weights as they do get tough but I love it. I always go in feeling crap and tired then come out feeling MINT!!!