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Personal fitness for boxing and members fitness Training

We offer No-nonsense physical boxing training 

for fitness and weight loss

 in the Gateshead and Newcastle area.  

We achieve this through eating, training and resting like a boxer.....

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You can be sure of a great workout anywhere in the woeld.

For face to face 121 training its £25 GBP per session or 10 for £230 GBP

For Online training for £49 per month you get-

-4/5 sessions online per week.  ( Monthly rotational, so weekly sessions will be rotated)

-Weekly diet plan

-Daily Online motivational posts 

-Flatsnouts own website 

This gives you access to a prime hard working AND WEARING BRAND : 


-Published books to guide your fitness journey

-Fitness training clothing.

Client Tracys fitness journey

Client tracy above.  Lost 25 Lbs and 13'' in 4 months

Client Alex's fitness journey.

Client Alex above lost over 6 st in 12 months and is still losing weight, increasing fitness and toning.

Client Alistirs fitness journey

Client Alistair lost 4 st and toned up, increasing fitness and learning self defence skills.

Flatsnout Fit-Club

The Fit Club has been set up working  Andy McLeans Boxing gym in Newcastle. 

The idea behind my Fit-Club is simple...... 

utilize my knowledge /experience and I will co-ordinate your fitness/ diet objectives.  Living, training and sleeping like a boxer does.  The team will train you with Flatsnouts unique power hour, you wont rest for more than one minute at a time, no more posing or chatting, your here to work lets do it........

We train you in the gym,   30% of the equation, 70% is down to you and my Fit Club threads here will help you through the diet, what to eat minefield, just start reading........... any problems e-mail me or facebook/ twitter on flatsnoutboxing 

You will get fitness homework which I expect completed, the scales will tell me and advice on how too construct your own diet for you.  With advice on training/ rest and nutrition this is the way forward.......

After each 5 session group you'll receive an update and ten minute informal chat.......

Make sure you check us out regularly as am updating all the time.

We have a great team spirit at Team Flatsnout, so come in and join us !

Real people real results
Fit club, before and after

FlatsnoutFitness-No nonsense training

Former Sgt. Paul J Fiske A Former UK Royal Air force Veteran aircraft technician and Combined Services ABA/Professional/ Unlicensed Boxer, now starting Fitness Company: Flatsnout Fitness Training. Paul has trained and competed in rugby for any years also and utilizes this in his training programmes and work ethic. Many of the sessions are taken from Pauls training diary with the RAF, CSBA boxing teams and indeed away on deployment in some of the world’s hotspots. The team he worked with would always be fit to fight and trained with him using his Power hour sessions. Paul's own injury list is growing steadily longer and at 47 he has decided to put his knowledge into print for others to benefit. Paul continues his Personal Training in a number of gyms in the Newcastle area and has his HQ at Felling Warriors his boxing and spiritual home. It’s not a glamorous colorful book of nice diets, but is no-bull and effective with pictures and profiles to back it up...