Flatsnout Boxing

Personal boxing and fitness Training.


Beginners Boxing.

Beginners boxing training.

Ever wanted to box but hadnt had the chance too ?

It's an amazing fitness tool, it gets you fit and some.

It's also great for-

 -Self defence

 -Stress busting



With classes Tues 8-9pm 


Thurs 7-8pm


Sat 3-4pm

 £5 each.

Personal boxing 121s are recommended and available at £25 each, or block booking of 10 for £225

Train eat sleep repeat


We get lots of guys and gals turning up for boxing training.  For some its been something they've always wanted to do and for one reason or another, just never happened.

We have a beginners class on Saturdays , just for these guys, others can jump in on the class too there's always space.

If you are thinking of starting boxing/ training, my book is a great reference,- ' my No-nonsense book'.  What ever level that you are: amateur/ Professional. 

This guides you through the full :- fitness, technique, skills that you need to be a successful boxer/ trainee.

People may have been out to a boxing night out and been inspired to start training.   We have young guys and older guys, starting.  Indeed we have the-

Normal classes and private 121s are detailed on - 

From total beginner to boxer.

One of our young trainees, Matty, has just had his first bout.  This young man, has trained consistently since January, so  perhaps its not just as easy as sometimes sold as like; 6 weeks- 'Hero to zero'.

Boxing requires certain levels of fitness.

Its best to build a base of fitness, this can be started with a basic fitness-

 20 minute run 3 times per week.  Also a boxing workout 2-3 times per week.  

You are building deep reserves of fitness, strength and technique.

Aiming to hit the nutrition is paramount, remembering its 75% diet in achieving a decent boxers fitness.

Checkout our diet and training within the Fit-club. ( below)