Flatsnout Boxing

Personal boxing and fitness Training.


Barriers to Training.

Do you have health issues ?  Feel embarrassed in a busy gym ?

Are you over-weight ?  Have you enrolled in to an expensive gym that you started and feel unconfident working out at ?

Do the Personal Trainers seem to full of everybody else's workouts ?  Many people come to me and tell me how much they would love to get fit again.  

Truth is its simpler than you think and puts you in control of your health and potentially your own destiny......

Age/ Injuries/ Conditions.

Many people tell me I'm over 50 now and arthritis has affected me and my knee doesn't work.  Potentially this may be true but starting back to a gentle to begin with rehabilitation into a active lifestyle WILL make you feel better......

I use training to keep my injuries at bay and the endorphin release is a great booster as well as pain killer.

After perhaps a week or so of training with me after a careful initial consultation to pinpoint your potential injuries and barrier, we will set a realistic exercise plan and a quality diet plan for you to follow.  with any particular injuries or ailments I may need a Dr's confirmation note but this is individual.

I have started training my first type 2 Diabetic and his progress is moving on well, with his confidence in the gym surging forward ;o))

Feel Overweight.

If you feel overweight and possibly intimidated going into a busy gym with many sculptured trainees, it can be off putting to an individual that feels and maybe overweight.

Take this barrier away and train 1-2-1 with me at HQ Felling Warriors in cardio/ weights and if you want to utilise boxercise non contact training.

With a plan the weight will soon be a thing of the past.  Your personal confidence esteem will be raised also and your feeling of well being will radiate throughout your body.

What ever your barriers to training, if you train with a Personal 121 trainer you are actively taking control of these issues.

This in itself is a massively positive step.

Well done, call me and lets get cracking.........