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Check out the amazing results after the 8 Week Challenge.

Final scores on the doors guys.....

( Johnnys weight gain )

Ray 28 lbs 18 inch loss
Alison 14 lbs 18inch loss
Nicky 5 lbs 9 inch loss
Clare 6 lbs 13.5 inch loss
Toni 5lbs 6 inch loss
Christine 12lbs 20 inch loss
Tracy 11.5 lbs 17.5 inch loss
Alex p 3 lbs 6.5 inch loss
Michaella 8lbs 9.5 inch loss
David 6 lbs 3 inch loss
Jen 5lbs 10 inch loss

An awesome effort by anybody's standards......

Stick to your calorie deficit and keep training, fitness homework daily, abs core......

It's been emotional, impressive and very proud-well done