Flatsnout Boxing

Personal boxing and fitness Training.


FREE 7day shred

-Complete diets daily and exercise advice.

-Website supported

Give it a go, I'll put progress sheets for start and finish.

See if and how much you lose !

Train eat sleep repeat 

7 Days Shred

-Print off Progress sheet-weigh your self 

( click below to download progress sheet )

-Put training kit/ vest and take 3 pics (Front/ Side/rear)

-Print off shopping list ( We start next week, so you've got this week to get sorted)

-I'll try to get daily diets on here by next weekend ( then I'll post the diets the day before with exercise list)

-Eat as it says daily and follow exercise. (If you do your own that's fine)

-Weigh yourself and take pics on day 7 after final exercise.