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Flatsnout Boxing

Personal boxing and fitness Training.


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Flatsnout Boxing In Gateshead and Newcastle

We offer No-nonsense physical boxing training 

for fitness and weight loss

We achieve this through eating, training and resting like a boxer.....

A well-trained boxer is the most thoroughly conditioned

human in the sporting world, as there is no other

sport that demands such a sustained level of ruthless

physicality from its participants.

It is for those who are sick of machines and dumbbells

and seeking an actual sport not merely a set of

movements, as a path to fitness –and yes an identity.

Most exercise is boring; that’s why people spend a

fortune on gyms they don’t even use. If there is a key to

getting in shape, it consists of finding a way to workout

that doesn’t feel as if you’re going to work.

Boxing is this path...

The magic of the boxing workout is its sustained

intensity. You go through bursts of anaerobic activity,

alternated with shorter rest periods. In contemporary

jargon, this is known as ‘high-intensity interval training’.

It’s a more efficient destroyer of fat, according to the

latest party line from the experts, than traditional

‘steady-state’ exercise, such as jogging.

If you’re disciplined enough to endure the torturous

first stages of training, you will find that your body,

in being forced past its old limits, has acquired new

ones. You will also have found a useful skill. There’s far

more to boxing than self-defence, but it can come in

handy outside the gym.

Join 'Team Flatsnout' today !

If you live away from us at the gym, I can help you equally via my book/ diets and training mentality....

Train - Eat - Sleep - Repeat
Paul Fiske

6 Week-Challenge

After the great results of the 8 week challenge before and after Christmas, we have been asked to put on a 6 week detox diet/ weight loss Challenge, starting 1st JUNE.

With our proven results in weight loss and personal fitness/ self defense its no wonder why !

With current weight loss totals at 250 Lbs and 220 inches, and the 2nd Challenge is in its last 2 weeks ! That's from a total of 23 entries in total !

So with the publishing of Flatsnout's 7 Day detox on 1 st December on Amazon for the great price of 4:99, the 2018 March diet follows close on its heels.

With a great price of 129 be sure to snap your place up now, as these places will quickly be taken.

Inbox or call me for details.

25th May on Flatsnout Boxing at 19:30 hrs is the challenge 2018 information and details night.

For £129 you will receive-

-A Flatsnout Detox diet and planner, to track your diet, certificates and fitness

-Weekly weigh ins

-Your own PT on call 24/7

-1 FREE class and PT121 per week (additional classes are £3 each and PT 121s are £15 each)

-Weekly competitions and prizes

-FB VIP chatroom

-Grand Draw and prize of bnb night for 2 at Hilton, Gateshead

-Final Awards night at Head of Steam, Quayside.

-Best Male weight loss

-Best female weight loss

Call me on 07504297841 to chat

Personal 121 members Training and Weight-Loss

with Flatsnout Fitness Training

Weight-loss through boxing training has been shown to be amazingly successful.  It relies upon what you put into what you get out.

Train hard-Diet well, with our hi-protein online diet here and rest well.

When you train with Flatsnouts 'Power-hour' you will burn between 400 and 850 calories, this with a regular fitness homework plan of daily core strengthening exercises and steady cardio work burning 300 calories daily.  The extra Lbs will melt away, as with previous satisfied clients.......

With 3 exciting new personal fitness 121's now available

1.  The Full Monty-150 per month

2. Power Source-150 per month

3.  The easy weight loss package-150 per month
Front page of my book

Flatsnout Fitness No-nonsense Training

Want results? 

Paul J. Fiske has combined his knowledge of military training and professional boxing to create a no-nonsense fitness and nutrition program that delivers as hard and fast as his punches.

Whatever your starting point, his method can work for you. His clients have seen dramatic results, and now you can too. 

This comprehensive book includes boxing technique, cardio, weights, nutrition, stretching and well-being advice that will get you looking and feeling incredible in no time.

Flatsnout Fitness Training

Boxing trainer Sergeant Paul J Fiske is renowned for his no-nonsense approach to health and fitness.

 Quite simply, he delivers results. 

He has developed this 7-day detox plan, not only to kick-start weight loss, but also to cleanse your body of toxins and leave you feeling revitalised and re-energised.

 He has adapted this from the detox he used to undergo as a professional heavyweight boxer before a big fight. Unlike other plans that leave you tired and weak, this sustainable detox will have you raring to go. 

The book contains recipes for breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as snacks twice a day. The program has been carefully developed to ensure you get the nutrients, fibre and protein you need to nourish your body fully throughout the detox. 

Want to look and feel better this time next week? 

Let's do it... 

The Flatsnout 7 day no-nonsense detox is a diet to help cleanse the body and all of your central nervous systems, lymphatic and endocrine systems.

It’s simple and very basic.

£4.99 Available 1 st December on Amazon

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